Yanli over Raad eens hoeveel ik van je hou – Sam McBratney

“Laat andere mensen weten dat je van ze houdt, of zij van jou.” Yanli, 32, Utrecht.

Rosemary Sullivan over De weg naar het water – Barbara Gowdy

“The thing that Barbara does that nobody has tried is to get you inside the mind of the elephant.” Rosemary Sullivan, 71, biografe, dichter, Toronto (CA).

Rosemary Sullivan over haar boek De dochter van Stalin

“It made me understand that destiny is not a product of biology.” Rosemary Sullivan, 71, biografe, dichter, Toronto (CA).

Antjie Krog over The cry of Winnie Mandela – Njabulo Ndebele

“Why are white people always in the stories of black people?” Antjie Krog, 66, schrijfster, dichter, Kaapstad (ZA).

Medhini over De kraaien 1: List en leugens – Leigh Bardugo

“I love it because it’s such a unique perspective on criminals instead of the heroes.” Medhini, 17, student, Delft.

Linus over Eichmann in Jeruzalem – Hannah Arendt

“I think it’s my favourite book because of one particular thing, a chapter in history that somehow doesn’t get mentioned a lot in school education.” Linus, 23, muzikant, Amsterdam.

Paolo Cognetti over The call of the wild – Jack London

“I love the way that story speaks to my soul so much. Because I went to the mountains, to live in The Alps, looking for the same thing.” Paolo Cognetti, 41, schrijver, Milaan (IT).

Paolo Cognetti over zijn boek Sofia draagt altijd zwart

“In my mind I was so deeply in love with Sofia. And when I finished writing the book, it was like the end of a love story.” Paolo Cognetti, 41, schrijver, Milaan (IT).

Kass Morgan over haar boek De 100

“I was really interested in the question: what comes next, what happens if we get a second chance at a better world and who would I want in charge?” Kass Morgan, 33, schrijfster, New York (USA)

Sara Holland over haar boek Everless

“We all know the phenomenon of time being money and I wanted to explore what it would be like if that were a concrete truth.” Sara Holland, schrijfster, New York (USA)

Sarah Crossan over haar boek Nieuwe maan

“People are telling me that it’s a book that makes them cry.” Sarah Crossan, 37, schrijfster, Hertfordshire (UK)

Manu Joseph over zijn boek Miss Laila, gewapend & gevaarlijk

“As novels usually are, this is more than just about the story or the plot.” Manu Joseph, 44, schrijver, Delhi (India).