Antjie Krog over The cry of Winnie Mandela – Njabulo Ndebele

"Why are white people always in the stories of black people?"
Antjie Krog, 66, schrijfster, dichter, Kaapstad (ZA)

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A group of women at a specific period in the history of Southern Africa find their family life under the pressures of capitalist modernity and apartheid. These ordinary, intimate stories are anchored to the more powerful public stories of the Penelope of ancient Greek mythology (who waited 18 years while her husband Odyseeus was away), and Winnie Mandela (who waited for 27 years). The life of Winnie Mandela remains one of the great unfolding dramas of our times; a tale of triumphs and tragedies that is only just beginning to be examined.

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