Paolo Cognetti over The call of the wild – Jack London

“I love the way that story speaks to my soul so much. Because I went to the mountains, to live in The Alps, looking for the same thing.” Paolo Cognetti, 41, schrijver, Milaan (IT).

Paolo Cognetti over zijn boek Sofia draagt altijd zwart

“In my mind I was so deeply in love with Sofia. And when I finished writing the book, it was like the end of a love story.” Paolo Cognetti, 41, schrijver, Milaan (IT).

Kass Morgan over haar boek De 100

“I was really interested in the question: what comes next, what happens if we get a second chance at a better world and who would I want in charge?” Kass Morgan, 33, schrijfster, New York (USA)

Sara Holland over haar boek Everless

“We all know the phenomenon of time being money and I wanted to explore what it would be like if that were a concrete truth.” Sara Holland, schrijfster, New York (USA)

Sarah Crossan over haar boek Nieuwe maan

“People are telling me that it’s a book that makes them cry.” Sarah Crossan, 37, schrijfster, Hertfordshire (UK)

Manu Joseph over zijn boek Miss Laila, gewapend & gevaarlijk

“As novels usually are, this is more than just about the story or the plot.” Manu Joseph, 44, schrijver, Delhi (India).

Rodrigo Blanco Calderón over zijn boek The Night

“For me it was the ideal representation of the artist in a violent context, in a country like Venezuela.” Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, 37, schrijver, Venezuela

Jaroslav Rudiš over Oude meesters – Thomas Bernhard

“In the books of Thomas Bernhard, I like the strange brutality and his musicality.” – Jaroslav Rudiš, 45, schrijver, Praag (Tsjechië)

Jaroslav Rudiš over zijn boek Het volk boven

“It’s a very brutal and melancholic novel, with a very special humour.” Jaroslav Rudiš, 45, schrijver, Praag (Tsjechië)

Fatma Aydemir over Het leven van Vernon – Virginie Despentes

“What I like about this book most is that we get to know a lot of the characters, the author shows us a different life and its tragedies and successes in every chapter.” Fatma Aydemir, 31, schrijfster, Berlijn

Fatma Aydemir over haar boek Ellebogen

“The story is about her struggle living in between two worlds and about not being fully accepted by none of them.” Fatma Aydemir, 31, schrijfster, Berlijn

Nell Zink over Book of Numbers – Joshua Cohen

“Even when you’re thinking ‘What the hell does he think he is doing’ you can read it, because he can really write.” Nell Zink, 54, schrijfster, Bad Belzig (DE)