Authors making videos offers 1-minute book review videos. Together, these videos form a growing collection of positive reading suggestions for book lovers. All books can be purchased via the website.

In the videos, people simply explain why they love a particular book. They share how a book has touched them, inspired them, or made them laugh or cry.

Most videos are in Dutch, but the English collection is growing. View all English videos here.
We also have an English edition of the website, still under construction. You can switch languages with the flag in the top-menu.

Working with authors

Why I Love This Book loves to work with authors. We always make two videos with authors:

  1. A video about your latest book (~ 1 minute). In this  video, the author tells the story of why he/she wrote this book. We are looking for compelling stories about the idea, background, reasons, anecdotes, etc. As little synopsis as possible, we’ll put that on the site in text. If you want, you can read a small fragment of your book.
  2. A video about a book that you really love (~ 1 minute). That is a ‘regular’ Why I Love This Book video, and no, it can’t be about a book you wrote 😉 In this video, you share why you love this book. How it ttouched, moved, inspired you.

Samples of author videos

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry Chronicles Stephen Fry on Ulysses - James Joyce

View all English videos here.


The videos will be published on, and on the Whyilovethisbook Youtube Channel. Authors, publishers and others can embed the video’s on their website.


Why I Love This Book prefers to make the videos with you. If that is not a possibility, you can make a video yourself, and send it to us. All self-made video’s will be published on the Why I Love This Book Youtube Channel. And all videos that meet our quality standards, will also be published on the Why I Love This website.


  • Select two books:
    • a book you wrote, probably your latest one.
    • a book you really love.
      Any genre is ok, also non-fiction.
  • Think about it: what made this book so special for you?
  • You don’t need a copy of the book to make a video.

Tell in about one minute “why you love this book”.

Don’t spend too much time on the summary of the story. We’re looking for your personal story:  How did it touch you, move you, taught you, inspired you, made you laugh or cry.

If you find this “why you love this book” question difficult to answer about your own book, you can also answer why you wrote it, or tell something special and interesting about it. Don’t do a commercial, that is boring 😉

We shoot your minute in one take. You can do this as many times as you need,  no stress.

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