Paul over De donkere toren reeks – Stephen King

"It's an epic, but it's someting that you find that you can't put down. It keeps you hooked all the way till the end." Paul, 31, Project Manager, Londen, Engeland.

Chris Meade over Pippi Langkous – Astrid Lindgren

"I also have a daughter, who has long, red hair. She identified hugely with Pippi, who, I think, is the best possible role-model that you could have." Chris Meade, 55, writer & director of ifbook, London.

Shoshi Breiner over haar boek Ira’s bekentenis

"I came across a family that told me that after their father died, they discovered he wrote a little book in which he claimed that 30 years after the war, he killed the guy that gave his family away to the nazis." Shoshi Breiner, 60, writer, Tel Aviv.

Andy Mulligan over zijn boek Trash

"I sat down, I had 2 weeks, and the book just came  tumbling out. It was like laying an egg. It's a book that came out fully formed." Andy Mulligan, teacher, London

For English speaking folks

This website will soon also be fully available in English, but for now, most in still in Dutch. More info in English, and some excellent videos in English here. Including Stephen Fry on Ulysses...

Edinburgh here we come!

We gaan naar Edinburgh! Want daar is het feest. We gaan er video's maken op het Edinburgh International Book Festival. Minstens 100 video's is het doel. En we gaan er op een bijzondere manier naartoe. Meer daarover later deze week. Ben jij er ook, of heb je handige connecties in Edinburgh? Laat het ons svp weten!

Adam Johnson on Libra – Don Delillo

“His languages is shifting perspectives and his unbelievable leaps of imagination, let me know that I can do anything as a writer.” Adam Johnson, 44, professor at Stanford University, San Fransisco, USA.

Paul Murray on his book Skippy dies

“I thought I would try and write about the strange, very swiftly changing world that we live in, through the eyes of the people that experience those changes most directly.” Paul Murray, auteur, 37, Dublin, Ierland.

John Boyne over zijn boek De witte veer

“And I wondered about what it was like for the families back home, when they would lose their son in a war, and their sacrifice would not be remembered or honoured in some way.” John Boyne, auteur, 40, Dublin.

Sarah Winman on her book When God Was A Rabbit

“I wanted to write a love story between a brother and sister. That interested me. ” Sarah Winman, actress & author, 47, London.

Adam Johnson over zijn boek Gestolen leven

“North Korea? I personally think it's the most fascinating place on earth. A psychological experiment, the likes of which no one has ever seen before.” Adam Johnson, professor at Stanford University, 44, San Fransisco, USA.  

Kristin Neff on her book Self-Compassion

“My book is about self-compassion, which is basically treating yourself with the same kindness, concern, care and support as you would a good friend.” Kristin Neff, professor of psychology, 44, Austin, Texas, USA.