Charles Lewinsky over zijn boek Terugkeer ongewenst

Charles Lewinsky over zijn boek Terugkeer ongewenst

‘It is a book that tells you the story of a man who that really lived, and it was a life that feels as if had been invented by a writer.’ Charles Lewinsky, 66, author, Zürich, Zwitserland.

Alice Hoffman over haar boek De duivenhoudsters

Alice Hoffman over haar boek De duivenhoudsters

‘For me it was an unfolding of the story, a way of finding out how to survive in the world.’ Alice Hoffman, 60, author, Boston, USA.

Philip Norman over zijn boek Mick Jagger

Philip Norman over zijn boek Mick Jagger

‘The strange thing about Jagger is that he is not interested in the past. He wants to be cool and in the future. This is Mick Jagger the human.’ Philip Norman, 69, author, London.

Kirsty Gunn over haar boek The Big Music

Kirsty Gunn on her book The Big Music

“It took me seven years to write my book. It took me seven years to find out the answers to these questions. Who was the baby? What was this man’s relation to this baby?” Kirsty Gunn, Writer, Edinburgh/London.

Oliver Balch over zijn boek India Rising

Oliver Balch on his book India Rising

“The book tries to explain that, tries to hesitating what is new about India and what’s old and how this transition is happening, how it’s affecting people’s lives, how their asperations are changing, how their visions on the future are changing.” Oliver Balch, 37, writer & student, Hay-on-Wye.

Jason over Jachtveld – Lee Child

Jason on Killing Floor - Lee Child

“When I go to bed, I want to escape from my hectic job, that’s what this book does to me. Another gain is that the author is a little bit psychic himself, which makes it more fun to read it.” Jason, 36, Managing director, Alva, Schotland.

Paul over De donkere toren reeks – Stephen King

Paul on The dark tower (series) - Stephen King

“It’s an epic, but it’s someting that you find that you can’t put down. It keeps you hooked all the way till the end.” Paul, 31, Project Manager, Londen, Engeland.

Chris Meade over Pippi Langkous – Astrid Lindgren

Chris Meade over Pipi Langkous - Astrid Lindgren

“I also have a daughter, who has long, red hair. She identified hugely with Pippi, who, I think, is the best possible role-model that you could have.” Chris Meade, 55, writer & director of ifbook, London.

Shoshi Breiner over haar boek Ira’s bekentenis

Shoshi Breiner over haar boek Ira’s bekentenis

“I came across a family that told me that after their father died, they discovered he wrote a little book in which he claimed that 30 years after the war, he killed the guy that gave his family away to the nazis.” Shoshi Breiner, 60, writer, Tel Aviv.

Andy Mulligan over zijn boek Trash

Andy Mulligan over zijn boek Trash

“I sat down, I had 2 weeks, and the book just came  tumbling out. It was like laying an egg. It’s a book that came out fully formed.” Andy Mulligan, teacher, London

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