Nell Zink over haar boek Nicotine

“I was getting so tired of hearing my friends talk about how much they love tv, so I thought: I’ll write a book, that’s a little bit like tv.” Nell Zink, 54, schrijfster, Bad Belzig (DE)

Justin Cronin over Lichtjaren – James Salter

“It’s like every sentence is a perfect jewel on black filth. As a writer, I have to read that book every year, just to be in the presence of the sentences.” Justin Cronin, 54, schrijver, Texas (USA).

Elisa Albert over Transit – Rachel Cusk

“It has a very unusual narrator, it’s very compelling, and I admire it very much.” Elisa Albert, 38, schrijfster, Albany (USA).

Elisa Albert over haar boek Tropenjaar

“Sometimes I’m overjoyed with it and think it is a great piece of literature, sometimes I think I failed completely, depends on the day.” Elisa Albert, 38, schrijfster, Albany (USA).

Justin Cronin over zijn De oversteek-trilogie

“Just for the record, I called my daughter to answer the question. Her answer is that in her own writing, her brain gives her sad people and she tries to write them to comfort. I like that.” Justin Cronin, 54, schrijver, Texas (USA).

Kristine Bilkau over Een bruidsjurk uit Warschau – Lot Vekemans

“It is about how little things, decisions and mistakes can influence your whole life. It’s amazing how she tells that story.” Kristine Bilkau, 42, schrijfster, Hamburg (DE).

Kristine Bilkau over haar boek De gelukkigen

“I started thinking about this book around 2009, after the Lehmann Brothers crisis happened. I wanted to write about how big economic changes can impact personal life.” Kristine Bilkau, 42, schrijfster, Hamburg (DE).

Nathan Hill over zijn boek The Nix

“I better love it, because I worked on it for ten years. If I didn’t love it, I would be in big trouble.” Nathan Hill, 40, schrijver, Naples, FL (USA).

Robert Harris over zijn boek Conclaaf

“I felt spiritually deepened by writing this book and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” Robert Harris, 59, schrijver, Kintbury (UK).

Frank Witzel over zijn boek Hoe een tiener de Rote Armee Fraktion bedacht

“I turn a realistic idea into a little imaginary, you could say surrealistic, writing.” Frank Witzel, 60, schrijver, Offenbach (DE).

Frank Witzel over De God denkbaar denkbaar de God – W.F. Hermans

“I go to every publisher in Germany and say: ‘Please let this book be translated’. Germans can’t live without this book any longer!” Frank Witzel, 60, schrijver, Offenbach (DE).

L.S. Hilton over Brideshead Revisited – Evelyn Waugh

“It’s about religion, it’s about aesthetics, it’s about love and it’s about tragedy.” L.S. Hilton, 41, schrijfster, Londen (UK).