Marja Vuijsje over My uncle Napoleon – Iraj Pezeshkzad

Door Vera | October 22, 2015

"Het is een boek dat heel erg aanbevolen wordt als je iets wilt begrijpen van Iran, maar het is vooral ook een heel mooi geschreven boek."

Marja Vuijsje, 60, schrijfster, Amsterdam

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Waar gaat My uncle Napoleon over?

pencil-mgreySet in a garden in Tehran in the early 1940s, where three families live under the tyranny of a paranoid patriarch, My Uncle Napoleon is a rich, comic and brilliantly on-target send-up of Iranian society. The novel is, at its core, a love story. But the young narrator's delicate and pure love for his cousin Layli is constantly jeopardized by an unforgettable cast of family members and the hilarious mayhem of their intrigues and machinations. It is also a social satire, a lampooning of the widespread Iranian belief that foreigners (particularly the British) are responsible for events that occurs in Iran. But most of all it is a very enjoyable, often side-splitting read that you wish did not have to end. First published in Iran in the early 1970s, the novel became an all-time best-seller. In 1976 it was turned into a television series and immediately captured the imagination of the whole nation-its story became a cultural reference point and its characters national icons. Dick Davis' superb English translation has not only captured the uproarious humor of the original but has also caught the delicate, underlying vibrancy of the Persian.


  • Originele titel: Dā'i Jān Napoleon
  • Uitgever(s): Random House
  • ISBN(‘s): 9780812974430, 9781933823492
  • Voor het eerst gepubliceerd in: 1973


Dā'i Jān Napoleon // Iraj Pezeshkzad // Marja Vuijsje // My uncle Napoleon // Random House

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