Nima over Rule of Experts – Timothy Mitchell

Door Van-Nhi | November 29, 2013

"Ik heb dit boek gelezen en dacht: 'nu begrijp ik de wereld'. En daarom zou iedereen het moeten lezen."

Nima, 29, socioloog, Utrecht

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Waar gaat Rule of Experts over?

pencil-mgreyCan one explain the power of global capitalism without attributing to capital a logic and coherence it does not have? Can one account for the powers of techno-science in terms that do not merely reproduce its own understanding of the world? Rule of Experts examines these questions through a series of interrelated essays focused on Egypt in the twentieth century. These explore the way malaria, sugar cane, war, and nationalism interacted to produce the techno-politics of the modern Egyptian state; the forms of debt, discipline, and violence that founded the institution of private property; the methods of measurement, circulation, and exchange that produced the novel idea of a national 'economy', yet made its accurate representation impossible; the stereotypes and plagiarisms that created the scholarly image of the Egyptian peasant; and, the interaction of social logics, horticultural imperatives, powers of desire, and political forces that turned programs of economic reform in unanticipated directions. Mitchell is a widely known political theorist and one of the most innovative writers on the Middle East. He provides a rich examination of the forms of reason, power, and expertise that characterize contemporary politics. Together, these intellectually provocative essays will challenge a broad spectrum of readers to think harder, more critically, and more politically about history, power, and theory.


  • Originele titel: Rule of Experts
  • Uitgever(s): University of California
  • ISBN(‘s): 9780520232624
  • Voor het eerst gepubliceerd in: 2002


Nima // Rule of Experts // Timothy Mitchell // University of California

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